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Principal's Message

Dear Student's
I extend to you a cordial welcome to P.D.E.A's SHANKARRAO BHELKE COLLEGE, NASARAPUR , PUNE. I also welcome you on board for your journey for the academic career, which will become a second home to you.

Congratulations on your splendid success in your examinations ! You have crossed a very significant phase in your academic career. You are aware that, so many avenues are open to you. However, rationality lies in choosing befitting faculty and more importantly befitting college that can transmit your academic dreams into reality.

Three great principles Truth, Goodness & Beauty nourish the entire social life... I believe that the three great principles Truth, Goodness & Beauty nourish the entire social life. Shankarrao Bhelke Mahavidyalaya is committed for quality education and for helping our students to prepare themselves to achieve the best in their lives.

I anticipate sincerely that students learning in this college shall develop their personality, career & character taking maximum benefit of the facilities provided to them by the college; be the best cultured citizens and glorify the reputation of this college.

I am confident that you would enjoy your stay at Shankarrao Bhelke Mahavidyalaya, which is blessed with natural beauties, excellent atmosphere and a best culture.

Thank you for your interest in the College.

Dr.Tushar Anand Shitole
(Acting Principal)