About the Library - Establishment in June 1992


Special Features.

  1. Computerize
  2. Book Issuing as per Barcode System
  3. Total Library Building area 4991.86 sq.ft.
  4. Separate Reading room facility for Competitive Exam.students
  5. Reading room capacity for 300 students.
  6. Open access for all Students.
  7. Special Services to other books, Competitive and NET/SET Examinations through Reader club.
  8. Internet and OPAC facility.
  9. Web OPAC
  10. Bound volumes of periodicals and Journals available in the Library .
  11. News paper cutting of the college News .
  12. Rare Book Collection
  13. Jaws Screen Reader Software for blind students
  14. Braille Books & Audio Talking book CD's for blind student
  15. Classification of all books as for D.D.C classification system except Text books.
  16. Special Book Collection
  17. User Tracking System for Library Attendance
  18. Library Portal
  19. C.C.T.V Camera
  20. Wi -Fi and Power backup facilities

Forms And Feedback links

Library Committee

Sr.No Name Member
1Principal Dr. Shitole T.A.Chairman
2Dr.Sakat H.S.Member
3Dr.Sarode R.G. Member
4 Dr.Shevate J.D.Member
5 Prof.Gaikwad J.E. Member
6 Prof.Nanaware P.S.Member
7 Student Member
8 Prof.Gavit B.K. Secretary

Library Collection

Total Collection (up to 31,march,2020)
Sr.No Syllabus Total Book
1 Senior 7507
2BBA (CA) 321
3 UGC1822
4 Donated 617
5 BCS 125
Total 10392

Non Book Material Collection

Sr.No Non Book Material Total
1 C.D.'s03
2 News Papers 07
3 Periodicals Bound Volume 70
4 Maps02

News Paper List

Sr.No Syllabus
1Indian Express

Journals / Periodicals

Sr.No Name of Journal & Periodical Cost of Rs.
1Sahitya Suchi 500
2Lalit Masik 380
3Jadan Ghadan 600
4Itihas Shikshak 260
5Deccan Geographer 2500
6Smart Udyojak 125
7Vyapari Mitra 500
8Self-Development & You 200
9Chanakya Mandal 500
10Saptahik Sakal 620
11The journal of Accounting & Finance2000
12Parivartanacha Murali200
13Samaj Prabhodhan Patrika 300
16Maharashtra Bhugulshastra Sanshodhan Patrika 500
17Indian Literature 250
18Maharashtra Sahity Patrika300
19University News 950
20Arthbodh Patrika200
21Arthsanvad 1000
22Yojna 430
23Lokprabha Saptahik 850
24Business India 2210
25Data Quest1500
27Spardha Pariksha Nokari Sandarbh 600
28Bulletin of Unique Academy 400


  1. N-LIST

  2. E-Shodhsindhu

  3. Shodhganga


  5. Swayam Prabha

  6. Vidwan

  7. Natioanl Digital Library

  8. Free Marathi E-Books

  9. Free Marathi E-Books

  10. E-PG Pathshala

  11. SPPU Syllabus

  12. E- Newspapaer

  13. Open Access Journal

Best practices

  1. Talent Club
  2. Display of New Arrivals
  3. Reprography Facility
  4. Internet Facility
  5. Online Database: N-List
  6. Book Bank
  7. Special Collection Regarding Compititive Examination
  8. Newspaper Clippings
  9. Syllabus
  10. Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Vidyarthi Vachan Manch

Library Membership

  1. Application form for membership
    • for Teachers of college
  2. Necessary documents
    • Appointment letter
    • Photo colour
  3. Membership for students
  4. (Membership forms are available at library)
  5. Please read the following notices for New Membership and renewal of Membership


  1. For New I-Card
    • All the Students, who have taken admission in the college should take Membership of Library within one month .
  2. Please bring following document for New I-Cards
    • Admission fee Receipt

Library Rules


  1. The Students must carry their College Identity Card/library membership card with them at all time inside the Library. Show the Identity Card compulsory at the time of books check-out/check-in (whenever asked by the library staff).
  2. At a time only One Book issued on Library Borrower Id for Students.
  3. All readers are required to maintain perfect silence and discipline in the library.
  4. Library users should enter his/her name, course time-in and time-out in register kept at the entrance.
  5. All personal belongings, such as books, bag, coat, umbrella, personal files, Xerox material that do not belong to the library must be deposited in the library counter at the entrance of the library.
  6. Library cards are not transferable: The borrower card holders should come personally to borrow the books and the authorization is not allowed.
  7. Readers should not deface, mark, cut, mutilate or damage library resources in any way. If anyone is found doing so, he/she will be charged the full replacement cost of the resource. Books Borrowed should be protected from RAIN, F IRE, DUST, INSECT, etc.
  8. Strict discipline should be maintained in the library. The position of the chairs and tables should not be changed or displaced.
  9. Beverages and eatables are not allowed inside the library. Smoking is not permitted in the library. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the library.
  10. No reader is allowed to sleep in the library premises.
  11. Reference books, rare books, unbound periodicals and books of fine arts may not be issued generally except with the written permission of the Librarian.

Limitations of Books for Faculty and Students

  1. Students can borrow one book at a time for seven days.
  2. Talent Club students can borrow one more book for seven days.
  3. Full-time teaching faculty can borrow at a time five to fifteen books for their teaching and research purpose till term end
  4. The library advisory committee may suggest the limitation of books to faculty and Students on the basis of available library collection.
  5. Book Bank books can be issued as per Book Bank scheme norms/the availability of books. The discretionary powers are given to the librarian by the Library Advisory Committee.

Library Timings

Contact Information

Prof.Bhagvan Keshav Gavit
Designation:- Librarian (M.Lib., NET)
Contact No:- 000-0000 0000
Mobile No:- 9604011026/9307005431